Ericsson Context-Aware Social Networking for Mobile Media (ECASON) is a project within an existing cooperation between Ericsson Nikola Tesla and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, called SmartSocial.

Planned outcome of this project includes publishing scientific articles in domestic and international peer-reviewed scientific journals, and applied research based on actual, already existing projects in Ericsson Nikola Tesla and at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing; the result is a real-life, fully-functional context-aware social networking platform proof-of-concept.


From October 15th 2013 to October 14th 2015.


SmartSocial funding - not publicly dislosed.
ECASON (within SmartSocial) is sponsored and co-funded by Unity Through Knowledge Fund.

UKF Funding HRK 80,000.00
Matching Funding HRK 251,500.00
Total Funding (ECASON)        HRK 331,500.00


Advances in Information and Communication Technology during the last decade have enabled telecom operators and other providers to go mobile with a wide range of services and social networking services are not an exception. Context-awareness, such as being able to pinpoint the user geographically or know whether he or she is at work, in school or just shopping downtown, is critical for dynamic, goal-oriented and temporal approach that current social networking services assume. Users are no longer satisfied just with “being connected”, they need their PC’s, laptops and smartphones to be aware of where, when or how they are connected.