1. How large is the app, how much data does it use?

In case you have a limited data-plan - don't sweat, the app itself is 1.1 MB only.
The data it uploads is a lot less than that, so less than 2 MB of your data-plan is used in total.

2. Where is the iPhone app?

The app is available for Android only, due to technical challenges on Apple iOS.
iPhone app is not scheduled for release as it does not provide sufficient data needed for our research.
Windows Phone app is scheduled, but not to be released soon.

2. What about privacy?

Read all about it here.

3. What data do you collect and how?

We analyze quantity of data only, meaning we count the items such as calls, SMS, statuses, etc.
This is the data we collect – don't worry, your personal data is safe with us.

4. The message I get at the last step of the app says "Service unavailable", "No data was uploaded" or "Could not login at this time".

Press the button "Close" which closes the app.
Check your Internet connection - we strongly advise using Mobile Internet instead of WiFi.
If it fails again, press the button "Close" and try again by re-opening the app. If it fails again, repeat at least two more times.
If it fails again, uninstall the app and re-install it.
If all of these attempts fail, please send us an email and we'll get back to you with the solution!

5. Can I uninstall the Android application?

In case you've reached the last step of the app succesfully, you can uninstall it.
Remember your password at this step - at any given time, you can use it to login here.

6. How can I login to view my SmartSocial profile?

In case you've reached the last step of the app succesfully, you can see your password by pressing the "Go!" button in the app.
After pressing "OK", your profile will load and open.
Alternatively, you can use your password to login here.

More questions?

Send us an email!