Project Specification

Advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), changes in user lifestyle as well as new business trends have defined new challenges for telecommunication operators. One of these challenges is how to implement “smart social functions” directly into network environment. “A Platform for Context-Aware Social Networking of Mobile Users (SmartSocial)” project aims to address this challenge by designing and implementing mechanism and prototyping a platform which derives its “smartness” from combining telecommunication operator’s user data with the available user-generated context-aware data as well as 3rd party external data (e.g., data from social networks). Ericsson will be able to integrate this platform in the network environment and offer support for telecommunication operators which want to provide innovative personalized services to their subscribers.

Platform for Context-Aware Social Networking of Mobile Users Architecture (TR01)

This report defines the Smart Social Platform (SSP) architecture by: i) identifying stakeholders and relationships in the SmartSocial environment, including a definition of SSP interfaces; ii) identifying functional and non-functional SSP requirements; and iii) designing SSP architecture and proposing implementation technologies.

Consolidated user profile from heterogeneous user data sources (TR02)

SmartSocial Platform (SSP) is a platform for context-aware social networking of mobile users and as such requires information-rich user profiles in order to provide personalization through new innovative services and applications. This report describes the user profile model in more detail.

Proof-of-concept services showing Platform’s applicability: social influence of modern ICT users (TR03)

Social influence is a measure of how people, directly or indirectly, effect the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. In this report, we study social influence in the environment of the “modern information and communication technology (ICT) user”, a smartphone user with numerous online accounts. A novel algorithm for calculating modern ICT user’s social influence will be described and finally, preliminary experiment of calculating user’s social influence on 123 modern ICT users will be presented, as well as results discussed.